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An Orientation for New Delegates


      Welcome new delegates!! For those of you who are too confused about what we do or too timid to take part in our discussions, this is a good place to start.

Basic rules

      Just some simple rules on how to interact well with others:
1. Please do not shout (i.e. capital letters) in debates. Not only are you being rude to your fellow delegates, but also behaving in a conduct not acceptable as a delegate of UNOL.
2. Always use appropriate language. Vulgarities and insults of any kind are not tolerated in any of the caucus pages.
3. Don't forget: in Committee you are representing your chosen country, not yourself.
4. Use some formality when you speak, but be sure to keep it clear enough to be understood easily.
5. Remember that we all are just like a big international 'family'. We should always be friendly and respectful towards each other.
6. Every nation, no matter how big or small, has an equal say in the GA.
7. If you are not happy with a delegate's comments or wish to discuss a matter further with a specific delegate, e-mail him/her to settle privately. Do not vent your anger for all to see.
8. Respect the decisions of the Chair and the Secretariat.
9. Remember that everyone has gone through the same as you did in the beginning. It is all right to make mistakes.
10. Finally, be sure of yourself.

How do I get started?

      If you are bold enough, you can (and should) start posting immediately. First, you should read the General Guidelines for Participation. Or if you prefer, take some time to look around the site. Take a look at the way other delegates post. Observe how debates are conducted. Introduce yourself as the new delegate of your chosen country, it does wonders for your confidence. It does seem intimidating when you see the language used and the formal 'coldness' of some of the postings. However, we do so because we are trying to be as close as possible to the actual United Nations. Remember that some of the delegates have many years of experience and they are the backbone of UNOL. So, the rule is that as you gain more experience, you will find it a lot easier to interact with others.

Still having problems?

      If you are still too afraid to post or just need help or advice, just E-mail the Orientation Coordinator. Remember, we are here to help.

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