Essential Resources

OUTSTANDING resources that will be beneficial to all UNOL participants: 
+  UNOL's NewsCentre -- a collection of valuable news sources from around the world.    
+  UNWire -- an indispensable tool -- daily summary of key news stories from around the world. FREE of charge, it covers a wide range of issues.    
+  UN NewsCentre -- 'A world of news from the world Organization'    
+  UNOL Main Resource Page -- We've collected a lot of very helpful resources.    


You Can Take Action!

    Earth Charter    

        The Earth Charter is a declaration of interdependence and responsibility and an urgent call to build a global partnership for sustainable development.

        You can participate in several ways listed on the site. The plan of the Earth Charter Commission is to have the document ready to present to the General Assembly of the United Nations in the year 2002.

Millennium Development Goals Reports

        The Millennium Development Goals - global targets that the world's leaders set at the Millennium Summit in September 2000 - are an ambitious agenda for reducing poverty -- and its causes and manifestations.

        The goals include: Halving extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education and gender equity, reducing under-five mortality and maternal mortality by two-thirds and three-quarters respectively, reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS, halving the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water and ensuring environmental sustainability. They also include the goal of developing a global partnership for development, with targets for aid, trade and debt relief.

        In the developed countries, the MDG campaigns' focus will be on spurring public opinion as a means to boost development assistance, trade, debt relief, technology and other support needed to achieve the MDGs. In the developing world, the aim is to build coalitions for action and help Governments to set priorities, including in their budgets, and use resources more effectively.

Manifesto 2000

        Find out how the United Nations define the Culture of Peace and how a global movement is developing in the framework of the International Decade (2001-2010).

        What if the new millennium were a new beginning, an opportunity to turn, all together, the culture of war and violence into a culture of peace and non-violence?

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