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~ The UNOL Challenge ~

Everyone interested in assisting the UNOL process of working out new ideas for peace knows that old relationships of antagonism must be altered.

The UNOL is an opportunity to allow an entirely new type of creativity in relationships. Who, among the inhabitants of our planet will be willing to "see" through the "old" outworn antipathies and go forward in cooperation with the spirit of peace? It could very well be some of those among the delegates of UNOL!

Our challenge is one which has been with humanity for aeons. It is the challenge to live in freedom, harmony and cooperation, sharing resources. It is not impossible to bring about a human mindset where the long sought manifestation of a world without violence will exist. The populace of the world must be educated to realize that the possibility is more than a dream. It will happen as the people of goodwill begin to mobilize a will-to-good, and refute any lesser attitudes.

Active goodwill has a tremendous power! It is contagious and will cut right through the fogs of mistrust. Since the human family has never experienced it in total, the requirement for totally new ways of relating must be worked out through the inspired creativity of those who will accept nothing less.

In UNOL, it is intended that the old ways of dealing with world problems through conflict shall be abandoned in deference to understanding compromise and cooperation among individuals and nations.

Little by little, the spirit of peace shall inspire and rule the hearts and minds of all humanity. UNOL has the opportunity to help in bringing it about through modeling a new vision shared by the entire world group.


~ What is UNOL? ~

The United Nations OnLine is basically a virtual model United Nations sponsored by GEMUN, or Global Elementary Model United Nations, a service activity of The Robert Muller School, a Non-Profit Organization in Arlington, Texas. The purpose of UNOL is to bring students from around the world together using the power of the Internet on a nonprofit basis for educational purposes. The UNOL seeks to:

1) Promote World Peace and study the means necessary for its development.
2) Inform and educate the public about the activities of the United Nations system.
3) Develop participants' abilities in leadership, communication, interaction, and other skills so necessary in a modern interdependent society.
4) Demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of exchanging ideas, understanding different cultures, and cooperating in pursuit of common goals.
5) To promote goodwill and cooperation between delegates participating in the simulation.

A Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations system, where individuals assume the roles of nations' representatives to the UN. They write resolutions about world problems and debate global issues from that nation's perspective during a conference. Through this role-playing, students gain greater understanding of foreign cultures, global issues, and the complexities of a multinational system.

The United Nations OnLine is an electronic way for students to involve themselves in up-to-date issues being debated at the United Nations in New York and around the world. By using the Caucus areas (both the Public Discussion Area and delegates-only in the Committees) and E-Mail (person-to-person) delegates will be able to collaboratively accomplish tasks such as debating and voting on virtual resolutions submitted by members, and, most important of all, to have a good time. (If you are considering signing up to be a delegate, click here first, for a brief orientation.)

As a delegate in the UNOL, your job would be to research your country and become familiar with its views. When a topic is brought up during debates, it is important that you know about the issue and about how your country feels. You must represent your country's view, not your own, when exercising voting rights. For instance, if a resolution was designed to increase the world wide production of chocolate, and your country's economy rested on chocolate so that this resolution would bring your country great wealth, but you voted against the resolution because you are allergic to chocolate, then you would be voting personally rather than for your country.

Much of the necessary information you need to participate is online, but if you feel you need more guidelines, feel free to look into a handbook. It is only US $10 and available by sending email to GEMUN.

Tell your international friends to come and join us! This is a non-profit activity dedicated to learning and having fun. Passed resolutions which delegations feel are appropriate can be passed on to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The members of the UNOL could form a petition and send it to world leaders. It could possibly influence one's actions if one received a letter from the UNOL saying "members from all over the world gathered through the Internet at the United Nations OnLine today and voted that the actions your country has taken are inappropriate."


~ Welcome from the President ~

The Robert Muller School has instituted the United Nations OnLine for those who wish to "model" possible solutions to world problems, somewhat along the lines of the United Nations. We know this forum will be imperfect, nevertheless it will not be pointless, as numbers of delegates from around the world share views and ideas regarding world issues. It can and will be educational for all.

Under the Instituting body, the Secretariat has been given almost full authority to make any adjustments in procedure relating to UNOL and the site. These members have been chosen due to their availability and experience with Model UN.

Participation in UNOL implies agreement to abide by the Rules set up by the Secretariat. No one will be allowed to remain involved in the site if they repeatedly refuse to cooperate with the rules.

Any suggestions for proposed changes in procedure may be submitted to the Secretary General through e-mail.

The Robert Muller School has no intention to fund lengthy debates on issues of procedure which eclipse the possibility of presenting possible solutions to world problems. Tasteful debate on World Issues is totally acceptable. Debate on the site, itself, is not.

There is heartfelt hope that the UNOL will be a growing source of useful ideas for right human relations and a world at peace!

In Great Goodwill,
Gloria Crook
The Robert Muller School


~ UNOL Secretariat and Staff ~

The Secretariat and Staff of UNOL are all volunteers who strongly support the purposes and goals of the United Nations, and are committed to work together to help educate the public about the UN and the work done by the UN System around the world.


~ UNOL Participants ~

You can participate in UNOL in several ways. First, you can always visit the Public Discussion Area, where anyone can post their opinion about anything pertaining to the purposes of UNOL, listed at the top of this page. On the PDA, you can post a reply to someone else's message, or make a request for 'help' to find information. Another way to participate in UNOL is to sign up to be a delegate or researcher on UNOL. If you are new to UNOL, and have questions, send email to our Orientation Coordinator.

Individuals from all over the world will be active in the United Nations OnLine. When a signup form for a new delegate is received, the country will be labeled as taken on the Participants' Page. Because there are 180+ countries, it is necessary to restrict delegations to one delegate per country.


~ What Can I Gain? ~

In joining the United Nations OnLine, you will learn some aspects of the promotion of world peace. This includes parlimentary procedure such as that used in the United Nations. In addition, through caucussing and E-Mail you will make new friends in countries all over the world and learn the basics of International Relations. Cooperatively you will interact with others to make the world a better place to be.